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NEW at Ikea Shop With Me SUMMER 2021 / Outdoor Patio Ideas + New Products & Decor

NEW at Ikea Shop With Me SUMMER 2021 / Outdoor Patio Ideas + New Products & Decor

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Today I am sharing all the NEW home decor finds at Ikea for spring and Summer 2021, Come Shop with me at Ikea and see all the beautiful new furnishings.

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♡Some links are affiliated, Doesn’t cost you anything, it helps support my family and my channel, its much appreciated! I always stay true to myself so I only share product I use and love myself. This video was made for adults but is family friendly! ♡🌻I hope you are inspired and motivated to unleash your creativity on a budget in all things home and lifestyle! ♡ God Bless!
FTC: This video is not sponsored.

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42 Bình luận

  1. madusonkeeper

    Olive grow on trees not plants… have acraft table I glittered and resined the top just gorgeous

  2. milo lind

    I'm a big fan of natural wood and off white/nature white outdoor furniture. But (!) our home is made of brown brick wich makes everything, except black, look washed out. So we have chosen black furniture with a lot of green plants and accessories. Also a cold pink looks nice against the walls

  3. LoveAnn

    This was wonderful and gave me some great ideas! I really appreciated your tapping the items also and all of the closeups!

  4. T Switzer

    IKEA stuff is trash

  5. Rhonda Petsch

    Love IKEA. So glad to live near one. I think I will go and get some pillow covers and curtains. Oh and their plants look awesome!

  6. SoarinPanda8 Walker

    Great walk through,haven’t been to IKEA in almost 2 years……thanks for sharing.

  7. Cheryl Schneider

    I wish we had a IKEA store. I would be broke. Love their products.

  8. Pam Stafford

    The closest Ikea is 9 hrs away, so many great things!!!! I may be putting an order in!! Lived this!

  9. Denise Rice

    Love your tour. My Ikea is over an hour away, so I really enjoyed shopping with you.

  10. Cheryl Taylor

    This was a great IKEA trip! Loving all the new finds; will definitely have to stalk my local IKEAs

  11. Karen Hall

    This video got me excited to check out Ikea for the time. It's a drive, seeing it's going to be worth it! We'll bring the truck. 😎🤙

  12. Deb

    Thank you for sharing!! I loved seeing all the new stuff at Ikea. The throw pillows are AMAZING!! They're so soft and yes, they do karate chop well. I can't wait to go.

  13. E.B.

    You REALLY REALLY like a lot

  14. Jeanne Gonzalez

    Yes. Thanks for showing all these items 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💕💯

  15. Ilem San Martin

    Love going to IKEA with you Girl!
    So many Beautiful things. 🤩🤩🤩

  16. Winifred kennedy`

    I have light grey sofa sets in the ratten with this year ice blue covers as i have beach theme going on, my dining set is black framed glass table with black benches much easier to clean after BBQ`s, on Ebay i got a set of 12 Indian Cushion Covers which really brightens up the benches nicely, i have from Ikea the flower bouquets in different types on tables round garden untill here in Scotland UK we get some sun and i can get from my garden to do table flowers ikea do ice packs they are plastic square circle ect and are great for using under your fruit or salad in garden i`v also used under bread rolls so they don`t got nasty taste in the hot sun

  17. esinfa

    I'll go for a light cushion regardless of the color of the chair, because sun bleaches the fabrics. I think white is the best option, it can never fade and you can use bleach for stains.

  18. Joolz G

    I definitely go for dark or heavily patterned cushions….I have grandchildren!😊

  19. Christina T

    I just bought planters. Lol.

  20. Deane Clark

    Great items! As always thank you for sharing your haul with us Emily! Stay safe, healthy and positive! GOD bless you and your family! 🙏❤🇺🇸🌞

  21. Faustina Waters

    I opt for dark seat cushion and lighter back cushion. I have the charcoal grey seat cushion and stone colour back cushion

  22. Minica Estilette

    Beautiful furniture
    Great prices

  23. Bonzo Jenks

    Thank you for this video. You have a nice soothing voice and I love how you took us through the store. Love this video. You rock!

  24. Christine Elderfield

    Great as I now hate going but now I can see what they have and decide at home. Thankyou Emily . Uk

  25. Diane Johnson

    I enjoyed going along with you to IKEA! I got so many ideas!

  26. Lori Kegley

    Oh my goodness. I love walking through Ikea and seeing all the setups! So many beautiful rooms I wish I could afford!

  27. Karyn Cartwright

    Thank you that has to be one of the best virtual shopping trips I’ve been on you filmed it so well 👏🏼

  28. Kristine Cornell

    I love IKEA!!!

  29. Tofa Polamalu-Gantt

    I didn’t know IKEA sell outdoor furniture etc., now I’ll be shopping there real soon.

  30. #Maria Pina#a student of life!

    love blue and white for the cushion lighter furniture

  31. Cynthia Thurston

    Yes, I would love to see more videos like this. Thanks for taking me along.

  32. Mila Williams

    One of the best IKEA shop with me that I have seen thank you 🤍

  33. Sondra Six

    This was awesome 😎

  34. rose609

    Great motivation

  35. DM Decor

    Shipping is absolutely ridiculous. $199 for a $57 purchase. Yeah, NO THANKS ! So many ideas though, thanks for showing us around.

  36. Penelope Hanson

    I love a virtual trip to IKEA, Emily! Ours have only just reopened, but are already out of stock of the main item I wanted, so I’ll have to wait a bit longer! Kind regards from Penny in Liverpool 🇬🇧😊💕

  37. Renalda

    Great video! Thank you! I am looking for the Songesand dresser with 4 large drawers and 2 small drawers on top.
    I am thinking of placing 2 of these dressers side by side in one of the bedrooms.

  38. Rosalind Dudley

    I like the light chairs and dark cushions.

  39. Yolanda Medina

    We don't have an IKEA store, but enjoyed watching all the affordable prices. TYFS

  40. Angie Harris

    I must say that I enjoyed this video so much ! Thank you !

  41. Carmen Acuna

    ~ Nice item a bit expensive for my budget though ~ Thank you for sharing ~

  42. Carmen Doyle

    Always lighter cushion when hot I find there are cooler amd also u don’t see dust being in county with pine trees

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