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Racism: Korea VS America || What's the difference?

Racism: Korea VS America || What's the difference?

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Just another strong opinion that I’d like to share with you all. Not looking to argue with y’all, but this is totally based on my own experiences. Try to silence me …

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  1. Kiya Boyd

    I need to make it clear that is video comes from MY own experiences and that it’s also based on MY opinion. Just so we’re clear 👍🏾

  2. dani

    I'm sorry there is no such thing as preferred racism. that is a ridiculous claim based on unrealistic facts. you are living in a homogeneous country where their are not enough blacks for them to feel threatened. I say threatened because how blacks are perceived there and around the world. THe big tell is how they form relationships with people of color which is far and few and for the most part never serious. So i would say they are being more tolerate and curious than accepting. Most black people are there for specific reasons many teachers for whom benefit their country. you have service people who again benefit their country. That is why the majority of blacks are allowed there. Make no mistake if you start making noise in their well you might as well say goodbye. they have no tolerance for that. On the other hand in america there is a different set of rules. you have a voice if you choose to use it. you have a language. A black american is just that. As a american this is your home. You can not be deported. You have rights and yes being black may feel like those rights do not apply to you but they do. yes they are abused. Keep in mind america is not a perfect union so we continue the fight. The only rights you have in a country such as korea is to obey, keep your head down. do not offend their people whether they are right or wrong in other words give up your freedoms. For some maybe the trade off is worth it for others absolutely not. And yes freedom comes with some hard knocks but the alternative is where you exist. No voice no rights no language which the people your amongst share in. the point is the new experience is founded the comparison is not realistic nor have merit. The fact is you can leave your country and try to find comfort in another will never change who you are. It will not make being black easier that is a false sense of security. To change the narrative you have to fight at home. the most influential country in the world with the people who are willing to fight with you. With all said i wish you happiness and acquire all you desire. And yes this is only my opinion.

  3. napperforlife

    While racism exists in South Korea, people are kind and gracious but very curious as well. I feel like even as a Korean, old people are tiring to be around as they are rigid in their thinking and not open. I am sorry you had to experience that kind of treatment but I'm glad you are living well in South Korea.

  4. J CR

    True! The year Trump got elected I traveled abroad and that's all people would talk to me about. Thought I was getting away from it but no…😒

  5. Dede Ag

    I just want to tell you .that you are one of the most beautiful women I've seen in a long time. God bless you ❤️

  6. Ethiopiawi ኢትዮጵያዊ

    It is really sad to see Asians being racist, while they themselves are the most bullied and discriminated themselves. All these racism are making them target for hate crime too. So unfortunate. I think Thai and Japanese people are less racist and more friendly.

  7. MV Subscription

    I cheer you on your life journey Kiya! Just followed you on insta. Much love from NC!

  8. Christie Jackson

    Also I’m from Detroit! Hey sis!

  9. Christie Jackson

    I’ll take Korean racism over American racism any day! American racism goes from micro aggressions to mass shootings/rebellions. I can handle a little eyebrow raising incidents any day

  10. Lola S

    So why respond? If they refuse to not even look at you don’t respond.

  11. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Racism in Korea is not even in the level of racism. There's literally no racism here at all.

  12. Olmiche Vital

    It’s true, I’ve watched a lot of videos of people living in Korea and some are like yeah nothing happened to me and others have just the most hateful things you’ve ever heard of happening to them. I am thinking about moving overseas and honestly I am not sure if it it’s worth the constant prejudice, which will make it hard to find work. But I do have an extremely high level of perseverance, so I guess we will see.

    Anyways I am rambling, the video was really Informative and well done and spoke about something that is very important to me. Keep doing you and don’t let prejudice or racist fools get to you

  13. ynohs

    apartment tour?

  14. Jessica Pace

    That depends. Some ppl have it worst.

  15. yayayummy04

    It's unfortunate that it may never fully change. You just can't change ppl's mind. It makes less sense here in America because we have help build this Country. Let me say first, IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, but it's more believable in Korea because that's not a Country that has an abundance of Black ppl. As a black person, let me tell you. It's very upsetting to have to go thru this EVERY DAY!!! Put yourself in that situation…Also, love you Kiya and your content. One of the only ppl I will sit thru Ad's for; so you can get that COIN't!!!!

  16. Keshonta Shontel

    I was born and raised in the South and I’ve had to deal with it all my life. It is exhausting but I’ve learned to educate those people rather than respond with anger. Anywho great video, love your channel ♥️

  17. Yumna. M

    You are gorgeous girl🥰 I just started watching your videos and all I can say is you are gorgeous frr❤️

  18. Mommy's Milk

    Racism is everywhere. Anyone can be a victim.

  19. The Real Nicole

    Honestly, in every country you have to pick your poison as a black person. It’s very exhausting. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  20. I Just Is Here

    Off topic: girl, your skin is glowing through the screen 😍 gorgeous!

  21. Naomi Obiesie

    I'm early yayyyy ✨✨

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