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TET STORIES – Tâm Sự Tết Bên Nồi Bánh Chưng | Helen's Recipes

TET STORIES – Tâm Sự Tết Bên Nồi Bánh Chưng | Helen's Recipes

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Only a few more days until Tet! For each of us, Tet is a very special holiday. However, this year’s Tet is even more special because of Covid19. We want to share …

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22 Bình luận

  1. Linda

    Great stories!

  2. Đạt Đinh

    Yr voice like Da Nang…

  3. VenomSmoke

    Hey I’m form Vietnam and I love
    Tet or Chinese New Year year in China
    but Tet as a great holiday I went a Vietnamese market in Dallas Texas
    and they had so much flowers it was so beautiful 🤩 [Gosh Dang!!!!]

  4. Chinh Tran

    Cung chuc tan xuan
    Suc khoe doi dao
    Van su nhu y 🌾


    I love Asia 💖✨ Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thaïlande, China, Singapour, Philippe, Hong Kong, Taïwan, cambodge and Mongolie
    Like if you love Asia ✨

  6. Joy Mae NYC

    Happy Lunar New Year!

  7. bryan3550

    Best Wishes for Tet from Melbourne, Australia!

  8. How To Cuisine

    Totally in love with this video! 😍😍

  9. Chuan Li

    TET is a very special event……… I attended …. 11th ACR…. Class of 67

  10. Marième Dia

    Happy coming New Year to all of you!
    Thank you for sharing your stories.
    Living in Germany and luckily stranded in my home country Senegal.
    My husband and I, we would love to visit Vietnam.
    May it happen soon in peace, health and joyfulness!
    Bleiben Sie gesund!

  11. Tommy Giang

    Chuc mung nam moi Helen!

  12. Jennifer L R

    Good to see you Helen. I love this video and listening to stories.. 48 days quarentined! better safe than sorry. <3

  13. Kenny Phun

    2:32 guy? I knew it

  14. C.J Phu

    Happy New Year to you Helen & everyone there. 🧨🎏🧧🏵😍

  15. Victor_ Salas

    Greetings, enjoy your video very much. I hope to travel to your beautiful country next year. I wish you a Happy New Year.

  16. Robert Shaver

    I am thankful that you take time to show us how to make the foods of Vietnam and hope you have a great day for tet and luck in the year to come

  17. Daniel Ng

    Chúc mừng năm mới , Helen :))

  18. Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

    Têt always comes with many interesting stories. We've shared ours, what's about yours?

  19. Hieu Nguyen

    loved your Tet stories

  20. Zakia usa

    Very nice good video you make thanks for the sharing 🇺🇸👍

  21. [ASMR] Satisfying Sponge

    Hello! 🥰🥰

  22. TrangLeville

    Hello C Helen! E o Uc mon an C ngon qua!

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